The Lord place Sydney on our hearts in July of 2019. They were without a pastor and we visited the church as missionaries in July of 2019. We began to pray with the assembly that the Lord would bring the right leadership to them. Early in 2020 we began to sense the Lord was leading us into a change. Initially we thought it would be to another missionary role. To shorten the story, we were approached by the Sydney church in September of 2020 to consider becoming their pastor. In November of 2020 the church extended an invitation to become lead pastor of Sydney Pentecostal Church and we accepted.

Sydney is a diverse community as the university draws a large international student population. It is exciting to see how the Lord is using the assembly to impact the mission field He is sending to out doorstep. Easter Sunday is one example of how the Lord is working. As part of our Easter weekend outreach, we held a pancake breakfast.

About half way through the breakfast a young couple wandered in off the street. We invited them to join us. They accepted the invitation and thus began a process of conversation, getting to know them a bit, etc. Not long into the conversation I had a sense they were searching. I also suspected they were Hindu, so I asked if they were of Hindu background. My suspicion was confirmed.

I asked if there was anything we could do to assist them in any way. They expressed curiosity about Christian worship and asked if they could attend the service. A couple in the church had invited them to sit with them while they ate and so they invited them to join them as the service began. Phones out, they recorded what was happening and showed interest. Join us in praying for their salvation. Yes, they filled out the connection card, accepted our Tim’s card thank you so we will be able to keep in touch!!